Halo Ear Saver

When you have a product development company, you are always looking for ways to improve everything. We also wanted to put our 3D printers to work helping our medical community. We printed a few of the other ear saving designs out there, tested them, and just weren't happy with the way they worked. One weekend and six designs later, the Halo Ear Saver(TM) was born.

This simple device is quick and easy to print. It works with surgical masks to comfortably and effectively hold the elastic away from your ears. It has been tested in hospital environments with very positive feedback. It is designed to stay in place on many different shapes and sizes of head and accommodates ponytails.

Free STL File for 3D Printer

Download the free STL file so you can print your own Halos or print them for others. The video covers some suggestions to be able to print them three at a time on a 300 mm x 300 mm bed.



Video 3D Printing Tips

This video provides a quick summary of printing tips and tricks that I have learned printing the Halo Ear Saver.

How to Use Halo Ear Saver

This quick video shows how to install Halo onto a surgical mask and how to place it on your head, with and without ponytail.