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From product development to process improvement to people development, we have the experience and tools to help you succeed.

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Product Development

Engineering, prototyping and finding your path forward.

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People Development

Classroom and virtual instruction for adult learners.

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Process Improvement

Analyzing and improving processes with data.

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People Development example

Customized a traditional Yellow Belt course with a simulated business process that allows students to practice every tool, end-to-end. Participants are able to immediately apply back on the job.

Product Development Example

Developed a light for Jack O Lanterns that can be positioned on any interior surface of the pumpkin, keeping the light bulb out of sight. Now that's thinking outside the pumpkin!

pumpkin lights, halloween, pumpkin carving

Process Improvement Example

Improved the onboarding process for a large insurance company. End-to-end processing time reduced by 50.3%, inventory of work in process reduced by 52%, and incorrect applications reduced by 90%